Anritsu - Power Meters & Sensors

Anritsu MA2474A

Power Sensor 40GHz +20dBm 100mW

Anritsu MA2474D

Power Sensor 40GHz -70 to +20dBm

Anritsu MA2422B

Thermal Sensor 10MHz-18GHz -30/+20dBm

Anritsu MA24106A

USB Power Sensor 50MHz-6GHz -40/+23dBm

Anritsu MA2473A

Power sensor 10MHz-32GHz -70 to +20dBm

Anritsu MA24105A

USB Inline Peak Power Sensor,350MHz-4GHz

Anritsu ML2437A

Power Meter 1 channel

Anritsu MA24104A

Inline Power Sensor

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