As Europe’s’ leading supplier of PIM testers, for hire, rent or lease, Livingston are able to supply reliable and easy to use tools that are stable and robust for use in the field.

The challenges of testing for Passive InterModulation (PIM) in the field means taht the equipment needs to be truly fit for purpose, capable of being used in unfriendly environments and giving quick, reliable and consistent results.

At Livingston, we understand the needs of engineers and technicians to get the best value for money out of their field testing and not just look at the ticket price.

If you cannot find the analyser that you need in the list below; please contact us, with details of your requirements, and one of our engineers will be pleased to help.

Kaelus IQA900B

900Mhz GSM PIM Analyzer

Kaelus IQA901B

EGSM 900MHz PIM Tester

Kaelus IPA-900A

EGSM900 Portable PIM Analyser

Viavi (JDSU) JD745A

Base Station Tester 100kHz-4GHz

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