Optical Fiber Test

Optical Fibre test equipment rental covers all aspects of testing measuring and characterization of fibre optic communications infrastructure. Optical Fiber test instrument hire provides engineers and technicians with equipment from leading manufacturers, at an affordable price.
For those, with a limited budget, that prefer to own their equipment, there is a good selection of second user fibre optic test equipment available for sale from our used equipment stocks.
If you would like help selecting the right instrument for your measurement needs, please contact us with details of your requirements, and one of our engineers will help find the best solution for you.

Anritsu MW9076B

Singlemode Mini OTDR 1310 - 1550nm

Exfo FLS-110-03P

1550nm LED Polarised Source

Exfo FLS-300-23BL

Laser Source 1310/1550nm

Viavi (JDSU) MTS-8000

MTS-8000 Mainframe

Viavi (JDSU) E8126HD

OTDR Module 1310/1550nm 42/40dB FC/PC

Sunrise Telecomm SunSet MTT-35AFCU

Mini Single Mode OTDR 1310/1550nm

Viavi (JDSU) E8136HD

OTDR Module 1310/1550/1625nm 42/40/40bB

Viavi (JDSU) OSA-301

High Performance Optical Spectrum Analyser with 10.7G Drop

Viavi (JDSU) E8123MM

OTDR Module 850/1300nm 25/23dB ST/PC

Exfo FTB-200

FTB-200 Portable Mainframe

Viavi (JDSU) E8126VHD

OTDR Module 1310/1550nm 44/44dB FC/PC

Viavi (JDSU) OSA300

OSA-300 1250 to 1650nm OSA

Noyes M200 Quad

OTDR Singlemode and Multimode

Viavi (JDSU) OLS-55/01

Laser Source 1310/1550nm

Anritsu OSA425

Optical Spectrum Analyser 1250-1650nm

Viavi (JDSU) MTS-6000

Portable Mainframe for OTDR Modules


Optical Spectrum Analyser


Micro-OTDR for LAN/WAN Networks

Exfo FTB-5240

Optical Spectrum Analyser

Viavi (JDSU) E8138VLR49

OTDR Module 1310/1490/1550nm 45/42/43dB

Exfo FTB-5500B

PMD Analyser

Exfo FTB-5800

Chromatic Dispersion module

Exfo FOT-932-12-VFT

Optical Automated Test Set 1310/1550nm

Viavi (JDSU) E8123SRL

Short Range 24/24dB 850/1300nm OTDR

Viavi (JDSU) E8126LR

OTDR Module 1310/1550nm 43/41dB FC/PC

Exfo LFD-202

Live Fiber Detector

Exfo FTB-5700

Single Ended PMD/CD Analyser Module

Viavi (JDSU) E8126VLR

Very Long Range 45/43dB 1310/1550 OTDR

Viavi (JDSU) E8146SRL

Short Range OTDR 850/1300/1310/1550nm

Viavi (JDSU) OLS-6

Optical Laser Source 1310/1550nm SC/PC

Viavi (JDSU) E4126LM

OTDR Module 1310/1550nm 34/32dB


OSA w/Polarization Controller


SM OTDR Module 1310/1550nm 39/37dB

Viavi (JDSU) OLP-35

OLP-35 Optical Power Meter +10dBm

Viavi (JDSU) OSA-500R

High performance DWDM & ROADM OSA

Exfo FTB-7600E

SM OTDR Module 1310/1550nm 50dB c/w VFL

Viavi (JDSU) OMK-36P

OMK-36P Loss Test Set 850/1300/1310/1550

Viavi (JDSU) OMK-35P

OMK-35P Optical Loss Test Set 1310/1550

Viavi (JDSU) E4146QUAD

MM/SM 850/1300/1310/1550nm OTDR Module

Exfo FTB-1

Modular Mainframe

Viavi (JDSU) OLS-36

OLS-36 Laser Source 850/1300/1310/1550nm

Viavi (JDSU) OLP-35

-65 to +10dBm Optical Power Meter

Exfo FTB-720

SM OTDR, 1310/1550 nm, 36/34 dB

Viavi (JDSU) OSA-110M

Compact Full-Band Optical Spectum Analyzer

Viavi (JDSU) E4126LM

Last Mile Range 1310/1550nm OTDR Module


AQ1200A OTDR Singlemode 1310/1550nm

Noyes OFL280-100U-ENG

Handheld OTDR 1310/1550nm

AFL Global M210 Quad

Multifunction Micro Quad Band OTDR

Fluke OFP-100-Q

OptiFiber Pro Quad OTDR

Viavi (JDSU) 4126LA

1310/1550nm LA OTDR Module

Fluke CFP-100-M INTL

CertiFiber Pro Multimode OLTS

Fluke CFP-100-S INTL

CertiFiber Pro Singlemode OLTS

Fluke CFP-100-Q INTL

CertiFiber Pro Quad OLTS

Fluke Networks OFP-CFP-QI INTL

Fiber Multimode and Singlemode Test and Troubleshooting Kit

Viavi (JDSU) OLP-87

FTTX Power Meter 1310/1490/1550nm,SC-APC

AFL Global Noyes M310

Noyes M310 Quad Band OTDR + OPM VFL

Fluke MultiFiber Pro

Optical Power Meter and Fiber Test

Exfo FTB-2 Pro

FTB-2 2-slot PRO Modular mainframe

Anritsu MU9090 mini OTDR

High-end OTDR performance in a pocket-size package

Viavi (JDSU) OSA-610

High resolution Optical Spectrum Analyser 10/40/100 and 400 G

EXFO MaxTester 940

Fiber Certifier OLTS

Loss Testers

Noyes OPM4-4D

Optical Power Meter 850-1625nm

Viavi (JDSU) OMK-55

Loss Test Set c/w OLS-56 & OLP-55 & OLA-55


Polarised Optical Source 1310nm


PON Optical Power Meter 1310/1490nm