Livingston provides a wide range of equipment to support the hire, rental and lease of equipment to support testing GSM, GPRS and EDGE networks. From testing the GSM base station installation through the GSM air interface, GSM handset testing and GSM drive testing through to testing the backhaul network, there is a hire, rent or lease solution that will give engineers and technicians cost effective access to the best tools from leading manufacturers.
Purchase options are also available for cost conscious customers wishing to buy used or second-user GSM test solutions from our ex-rental stock.
Check out the list below, or contact us with details of your requirements, and one of our engineers will be able to assist you to find the best solution.

Rohde & Schwarz CMU200

Universal Radio Communication Tester

Tektronix Y400

Nettek Measurement Platform

Sunrise Telecomm Sunset E20C

2Mbps Tester GSM

PCTel 6030

Seegull GSM/WCDMA Triband Receiver

Thales 3011 Mobil+

GPS Compass System for Antenna Pointing

LMW Electronics ST9

Test Transmitter 870-960Mhz, 5/20 Watt

LMW Electronics ST16

Test Transmitter 1750-1900 MHz 20W

Rohde & Schwarz CMW500

Wideband Radio Communication Tester

UMTS Partners SPAA05-NEX

GPS Antenna Alignment Tool

PCTel LX 850/1900

LX Scanner Dual Band 850/1900 GSM

Rohde & Schwarz TSML-GW

GSM/WCDMA Radio Network Analyser

PCTel EX Scanner

PCTel EX Scanner 850/1900 GSM/WCDMA

Ascom TEMS Investigation Professional

Air Interface Test Tool

Tektronix NSA 2G/3G

NSA SW for 2G/3G(R7/R8) applications

PCTel Seegull MX

SeeGull MX Multi-Mode,Multi-Band Scanner

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