EMC / EMI Measurement

Livingston offers a range of solutions for testing electromagnetic fields and interference, for rent, lease or hire. Rental solutions for testing electromagnetic compliance (EMC ) and Electromagnetic interference (EMI) provide a cost effective solution for testing emissions and fields from products.
To find EMC / EMI measurement equipment available for rent, lease or hire take a look at the list below or contact us with your requirements.

Kaelus IQA-901C

EGSM 900MHz PIM Tester

Kaelus IPA-1800A

DCS1800 Portable PIM Analyser

Kaelus IPA-900A

EGSM900 Portable PIM Analyser

Kaelus IQA-0790C

LTE800 Portable PIM Analyser

Kaelus IQA-2600C

Portable PIM Analyser

Teseq Systems NSG 5600

NSG 5600 Automotive Transient Generator

Tektronix DSA72004B

20 GHz Digital Serial Analyzer

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