Cable TV (CATV) Test equipment

Listed below is a selection of cable television (CATV) analyzers available for hire, rent or lease from Livingston.
We also have a range of cable TV analysers available for purchase from our used equipment stocks.
If you cannot find a CATV analyser to meet your needs, then please contact one of our engineers for assistance.


Network Maintenance Sweep Meter with DOCSIS / EuroDOCSIS Capabilities

Intec Argus 155

Triple Play + xDSL Combitester

Deviser DS2400Q

QAM Analysis Meter

JDSU MSQ-900 Microstealth

Microstealth QAM Signal Level Meter

Tempo CableScout™ TV90

TDR Cable Tester for CATV

Promax 27

2.0 Docsis/Eurodocsis Cable Modem analyzer (includes IPTV and VoIP tests)

Riser Bond 1270

TDR for Telecom and CATV

Sunrise Telecomm MTT-48

UDSL-3Play Module

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