Cable Tester Test equipment

Below are listed a selection of the cable test solutions available for hire, rent or lease from Livingston. With a range of testers available at a cost effective price, Livingston has the solution for your cable testing needs.

If you cannot find the right cable testing tool for your needs then please contact one of our sales engineers for further assistance.


CellAdvisor™ Base Station Analyser

Radiodetection RD8000 PXL

Cable/Pipe Locator

Anritsu S331E

Sitemaster Compact Handheld Cable and Antenna Analyzer (2 MHz to 4 GHz)


Network Maintenance Sweep Meter with DOCSIS / EuroDOCSIS Capabilities

Kaelus IQA-901C

EGSM900 Portable Passive Intermodulation Analyzer

Anritsu S251C

Cable & Antenna Tester - Site Master (625 - 2500MHz)

Kaelus IQA-2101C

UMTS Passive Intermodulation (PIM) Analyzer

Kaelus IQA-1800C

DCS1800 Passive Intermodulation (PIM) Analyzer

Kaelus IPA-900A

Battery Powered Portable PIM Analyser - EGSM / 900MHz

Kaelus IQA-0790C

LTE800 Portable PIM Analyser

Elektronika ECFL 30

Cable Fault Locator

Anritsu S331L

Site Master Cable & Antenna Analyzer with Power Meter

3M Dynatel 2273M

Cable/Pipe and Fault Locator

3M Dynatel 2220M

Advanced Pipe/Cable Locator

Anritsu S332E

Sitemaster Compact Handheld Cable and Antenna Analyzer with Spectrum Analyzer

Anritsu S331D

Cable & Antenna Tester - Site Master (25 - 4000 MHz)

Anritsu S332D

Cable & Antenna Tester - Site Master (25 - 4000 MHz) with Spectrum Analyzer

Anritsu S820D

Cable & Antenna Tester - Site Master (25 MHz - 20 GHz)

Biccotest T625

Metallic Cable Fault Locator (0 - 20km)


Wideband Copper & DSL Tester

3M Dynatel 2273E

Cable/Fault Locator

Anritsu S810D

Cable & Antenna Tester - Site Master (25 MHz - 10 GHz)

Sunrise Telecomm MTT-ACM Lite

Basic Copper Test Set

T&R Test Equipment PT30-10

High Voltage Cable Test Set (30kV DC)


CellAdvisor™ Cable and Antenna Analyzer

Radiodetection 1205CX-A

Metallic Time Domain Reflectometer

Kurth Electronic KE3500

XDSL Multitester

3M Dynatel 2250

Cable/Pipe Locator

Rohde & Schwarz ZVH

Cable and Antenna Analyzer


Cable and Antenna Analyzer

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