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At Livingston, you will find a wide range of Le Croy Test and Measurement equipment available to rent, buy or lease. If you want more details on the technical specifications of a particular Le Croy product, please click on the catalogue button to take you to our on-line catalogue. If you are interested in how you can get your hands on Le Croy test equipment now, read on .... Le Croy Products

If you cannot find the Le Croy test equipment that you need, then call our technical sales team.....

 LeCroy - LT344
LeCroy  LT344
Digital Oscilloscope/4-Channel (500MHz)

Need Le Croy test equipment now and not sure how long youíre going to need it?
Easy Rental
Rent your Le Croy test equipment with full flexibility, from 1 week to how ever long you need it. Same day or next day delivery available
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Need Le Croy test equipment for a specific job?
Project Rental
Control your Le Croy test equipment costs for the project by planning to rent for the specific time when you need to use the equipment. Project-RENTAL is the solution for you
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LeCroy - WP7000 
LeCroy - WP7000
Digital Oscilloscope 1GHz


LeCroy - Wavesurfer 454
LeCroy - Wavesurfer 454 
Digital Oscilloscope 4ch 500MHz

Virtual Ownership of Le Croy test equipment with added benefits?

If you normally lease or purchase Le Croy test equipment because you need it for a long period of time, but want the added flexibility to upgrade or purchase equipment in the future Fulltime-RENTAL will help you
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You need your Le Croy test equipment now but have no funds?

If you intend to buy your Le Croy test equipment and you need it today, but donít have the budget or capital, then EASY2SOURCE offers you the ideal solution for your equipment
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LeCroy - WS434
 LeCroy Oscilloscope 4 Channel 350MHz- WS434

For more information on the range of LeCroy test equipment that you can hire, rent, lease or buy used from Livignston, visit LeCroy's website :

Le Croy 9450 Digital Oscilloscope 350MHz 400MS 4 ch. 
Le Croy AP015 Current Probe 
Le Croy AP020 FET Probe 1GHz 
Le Croy D1000PS Differential Probe System 11GHz 
Le Croy HFP1000 Active probe 1GHz 0.7pF 
Le Croy HFP3500 Active Voltage Probe 3.5GHz 
Le Le Croy LT374/GP Digital Oscilloscope 4ch 500MHz 4GSa/s 
Le Croy SDA 6000 Serial Data Analyser 4 ch 6GHz
Le Croy SDA11000 Serial Data Analyser 11GHz 4 Channel 
Le Croy SDA11-L 32 Mpts/2 Ch, 16 Mpts/4 Ch Memory Option
 Le Croy SDA11-XL 100 Mpts/2 Ch 50 Mpts/4 Ch Memory Option 
Le Croy US005APB-X USB All Speed Analyzer/Generator w/OTG 
Le Croy US005APB-X USB USB2 Protocol Analyser 
Le Croy Waverunner 6100 v1 Digital Oscilloscope 4ch 1GHz 5GSa/s 
Le Croy Waverunner 6100A v1 Digital Oscilloscope 4-ch 1GHz 
Le Croy Wavesurfer 454 v1 Digital Oscilloscope 4ch 500MHz 2GSa/s 
Le Croy WP7300 Digital Oscilloscope 4ch 3GHz 10GSa/s 
Le Croy WP960 Digital Oscilloscope 2GHz 
Le Croy WR6030A WaveRunner 6030A 4 Ch, Col DSO, 300MHz 
Le Croy WS434 WaveSurfer 434 4 Ch Colour DSO,350MHz 
Le Croy WS434 v1 WaveSurfer 434 DSO 350MHz 2GS/s 4 Ch. 
Le Croy WS434 v2 WaveSurfer 434 4 ch DSO 350MHz 2GS/s