10 good reasons for rental of Test & Measurement Equipment from Livingston

Smart measures in difficult times | Livingston Test & Measurement Rental Can Benefit Your Business!

In tough economic times, smart managers use rental to beat the credit crunch. Below are our top 10 facts on how rental can keep you competitve in a tough economic climate:  

  • Fact 1: No hidden costs

    All equipment including maintenance, support, administration and logistics are supplied by the rental provider and included in the cost of the rental agreement. This ensures additional costs are kept to a minimum, allowing companies to evaluate the total cost of ownership.  
  • Fact 2: No capital expenditure or investment necessary  

    Rental enables businesses to meet peaks and troughs in business environments. In difficult times or seasonal lows, businesses can return equipment without having committed to capital investment.  
  • Fact 3: Tax incentives  

    All rental payments are 100% tax deductible in the year they are made and do not appear on the balance sheet.  
  • Fact 4: Cost effective

    The accelerating rate of obsolescence means the price of second-user systems will continue to fall at ever-faster rates. This increases the residual risk for purchasers acquiring capital assets. Rental ensures companies can keep up-to-date with new technology without worry of their hardware being left unused and causing a financial burden.  
  • Fact 5: Pay-as-you-go

    Rental allows businesses to pay for equipment as they use it, allowing costs to be easily monitored.  
  • Fact 6: Try before you buy

    'Try before you buy' is a flexible solution. It ensures equipment needs are fulfilled before considering the cost implications of purchase. In the long-term, try before you buy saves money by ensuring compatibility and integration with existing IT systems and testing environments.  
  • Fast 7: Technology refreshment

    New product releases are becoming more prominent and for companies, who want the latest technology, rental can provide a rolling refreshment programme.  
  • Fact 8: Lead-time bridging

    While urgently waiting for new product releases, rental provides lead-time bridging. In many cases, the rental provider receives early release systems, avoiding the need to wait months for new products to appear on the 'shelf'.  
  • Fact 9: Rental Replacements

    If equipment goes faulty, replacements will be supplied within 24, minimising disruption and potential financial loss to a company.  
  • Fact 10: Avoid disposal costs liabilities

    Planned EU legislation on the disposal of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) means companies will have to dispose of their redundant test equipment responsibly. However, organisations can avoid the disposal, and associated costs, of unused and outdated equipment by renting the latest equipment.  


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