Rent to Buy your Test Equipment

One of the finance options available is Rent to Buy or Rent to Own. Livingston can tailor purchasing options to meet your needs for obtaining the test equipment you need.

Fluke DTX-1800            

Why chose Rent to Buy Test Equipment? 

  • No upfront purchase cost – use scarce and expensive capital elsewhere in your business
  • Make the rental payments out of operational expenditure
  • Equipment can then be purchased an agreed low price.
  • Preserves your existing credit lines – keep your bank lines free for day to day requirements
  • Match expense to revenue or cost savings generated from asset use
  • Tax efficient – Tax allowances available against purchase price plus, the interest costs are fully tax deductible (depending on the country)

Benefits Over Cash Purchase

  • On your accounts, the purchase is an option at the contract end. In the meantime rental fees form part of you operational expenditure
  • Re-invest the cash saved, within the business, on higher ROI assets
  • Additional features can be added for only a small increment on the monthly payment
  • We source and check the equipment prior to dispatch, giving you for your peace of mind in your aquisition
               Agilent spectrum analyzer

More information? Or a quote?

You can contact the Livingston Global team by phone, by e-mail or via the form below.